Global Advancements In Posthumous Communications

Friday, January 27, 2023 | Los Angeles, CA
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Future of Posthumous Communications is Now …


What is GAPC?

The First of Its Kind

The Global Advancements in Posthumous Communications Summit will convene global thought leaders for an in-depth discussion regarding the opportunities, innovation, and technologies in the emerging field of digital posthumous communications.

Who’s Coming?

Leading Minds in AI and Beyond

The Global Advancements in Posthumous Communications Summit will include thought leaders and practitioners from a variety of fields including: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Psychology, Medicine, Law, VR/AR,  End of Life Planning and more.


Conversations & Innovation

The Global Advancements in Posthumous Communications Summit seeks to engage in meaningful and in-depth exploration of the impact of digital posthumous communications on individuals and industries:

  • Ethics and Legal
  • Tech Innovations in AI
  • End of Life Planning
  • Medical, Grief & Mental Health
  • Digital Afterlife 
  • Privacy, Permissions, Name, Image & Likeness

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Our Host

The world’s first Global Advancement In Posthumous Communications Summit is convened and hosted by YOV, Inc. (You, Only Virtual).  Based in Los Angeles, CA, YOV is an artificial intelligence company with the world’s first mass market consumer technology for posthumous communications. 

YOV utilizes proprietary, fully patented technology— powered by interaction-centric machine learning algorithms— to analyze both real-time and archived communications, in order to build Versonas (virtual personas) that are virtually as complex and context-sensitive as the individuals they emulate. Versonas are seamlessly introduced in existing messaging channels, enabling uninterrupted connection to a loved one after they have passed.  For more information contact YOV’s Chief Communication Officer:

Get Involved!

GAPC is the first gathering of its kind.  GAPC is curating thought leaders, scientists and practitioners in every field tangential to digital posthumous communications. Intrigued? Get involved! We look forward to hearing from you.


Digital posthumous communications impacts many sectors. Thus, GAPC is pleased to collaborate with partners across a wide variety of industries and fields of study.