Never Have to Say Goodbye

What is a Versona?

Versona is a “virtual persona” – an authentic, virtual representation of your personality. Unparalleled in its ability, YOV’s patented technology allows you to text, call, and make voice and visual calls while our AI works in the background.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. Communicate with your loved ones as you normally would, using YOV. In the background, YOV’s patented technology is analyzing, learning and capturing the essence of your personality. Once your physical body has transcended, your virtual persona, i.e. Versona can be activated to continue communicating with your loved ones. You, Only Virtual. (YOV).

YOV Accelerator

YOV Accelerator is a feature that allows users to engage in custom activities to help build their Versonas faster.  YOV Accelerator subscribers also get access to the YOV Portal which allows them to upload and store supplemental data that promotes a faster build. YOV Accelerator is offered at $9.99 per month.

Meet Melodi

Melodi is YOV’s very first Versona 1.0 built for Justin’s Mom. Please note, this is not Justin’s mom texting him, it is her Versona- the result of AI and machine learning from hundreds of hours of communication between Justin and his mom. You Never Have To Say Goodbye Request an Invite to join the YOV beta.
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