using yOV's Proprietary technology, Versona Enables you to have the essence of your persona created for you, virtually

with your versona you're able to interact with your loved ones and truly never say goodbye

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Versona 1.0

Unparalleled in its ability, YOV's patented technology allows you to text, call, and make voice and visual calls while our AI works in the background.

Get Started with VERSONA

A YOV specialist will reach out to you within minutes upon you signing up and build out your custom Versona. Feel a sense of ease knowing that not only is your data preserved as our technology progresses but also that in a short time you or your loved one can begin interacting with Versona the minute your Versona is sentient.

one time life storage & setup fee



$39.99/ month

*Pricing based per user or per loved one not per base account. See Terms & Conditions for more information.
Archive your history with Chronicle

not ready to build your versona but want to start archiving your data? You can with chronicle!

With Chronicle you can start archiving all of your precious memories today and when you're ready activate them at a later time in VAULT.

$5.99/ month

A note from our founder, justin Harrison

"I have been recording calls, saving text messages, and uploading photos from my terminally ill mother. Knowing that Versona 1.0 is encapsulating the precious data and giving it to our dedicated technology team, gives me an incredible sense of peace during this very challenging time in my life. I hope that this is helping you as well and thank you for supporting."