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You, Only Virtual is making connectivity easier for active duty military personnel and possible for the first time for the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

We are thrilled to partner with and release on Memorial Day with the upcoming film

THE KEEPER only in Theaters!


Versona Heroes is a one of kind project sponsored by You, Only Virtual. An artificial intelligence company dedicated to keeping the connection between loved ones even when one of them is gone. YOV creates virtual avatars (Versonas) of real people that communicate seamlessly with those they are closest to.


In honor of Memorial Day 2024 the Versona Heroes project will provide Versonas to any Gold Star Families who sign up, free of charge, for life. Additionally, any active duty service members who sign up will receive the YOV service free of charge for one year. You, Only Virtual salutes the brave Men and Women of the U.S. Armed Services. 

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