Never Have to Say Goodbye

YOV’s crowdfunding equity campaign is live! Invest now on Start Engine
YOV’s crowdfunding equity campaign is live! Invest now on Start Engine

Never Have to Say Goodbye

In 2019, the founder and CEO of YOV, Justin Harrison, found himself staring down death on two fronts: his own, from a near fatal accident, as well as his mother’s stage-4 cancer diagnosis. He was terrified of losing his mother and wanted something that could preserve the essence of their relationship. When Justin couldn’t find any existing technologies, he assembled a team of top AI specialists and You, Only Virtual, (YOV) was born.

Today, YOV utilizes proprietary, fully patented technology— powered by interaction-centric machine learning algorithms— to analyze both real-time and archived communications in order to build virtual personas that are virtually as complex and context-sensitive as the individuals they emulate.


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You, Only Virtual is the first-of-its-kind digital afterlife technology. Our advanced Al and machine learning system recreate the unique relationship dynamic between you and your loved ones, enabling authentic and personal posthumous communication.

You, Only Virtual means you never have to say goodbye.