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You, Only Virtual

Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye

Welcome to YOV, the AI startup pioneering advanced digital communications so that we Never Have to Say Goodbye to those we love. Founded in 2020, YOV (You, Only Virtual) is the creator of the world’s first advanced AI communications platform that enables consumers worldwide to capture and recreate the unique dynamics of a relationship and generate an authentic essence (Versona), so that one can continue to share precious moments with a loved one, even after physical death.


A Versona is a digital representation of your personality. We refer to it as one’s essence. YOV utilizes fully patented and proprietary technology— powered by advanced AI, to analyze both real-time and archived communications in order to build a Versona that is virtually as complex and context-sensitive as the individual it emulates.


Once created, a Versona can then be seamlessly introduced into existing text, phone and video communication channels– enabling an uninterrupted connection between loved ones–even after death.


A Unique Approach

YOV does not build a generic Versona of an individual. No two relationships are the same. Thus, YOV focuses on fostering genuine feelings of closeness, replicating the unique dynamics of a relationship, and preserving cherished memories between two individuals.

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