Create a Virtual Version of You

Never Have to Say Goodbye

YOV is a communications system that uses cutting-edge technology to map and recreate the relationships between you and your loved one through normal everyday talk, text, and video chat. By creating a digital version of yourself, you ensure that you’ll always be in contact, even when the unthinkable happens.

Create a Lasting Connection

YOV focuses on the unique bonds between people and recognizes that the way we interact with those we are closest to varies tremendously, and as such, our communication is different with different people. Our mission is to help users create that genuine feeling of connection with a loved one so that their memory is forever with you.

Our Story

In 2019, the founder and CEO of YOV, Justin Harrison, found himself looking at mortality in two different and profound ways. His own, from a near-fatal motorcycle accident, and his mother’s, who was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer. He was not only terrified of losing his mother, but also wondered about the voids in other people’s lives this absence would create.

Realizing the uniqueness of the connection he had with his mother, and how varied his way of interacting with everyone in his life was, he set forth to build a technology that could capture the dynamics of a relationship. After over 3 years of research and development, Justin and the YOV team have created a technology truly capable of keeping communication going between people even in the absence of one of them.

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