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With its new AI software that mines one’s digital footprints, a company is ensuring friends and family members can continue to interact with passed love ones with rich, lifelike realism.

When YOV, Inc. roles out its software early next year, it will be alone in an entirely new category of artificial intelligence-based software, which it calls digital posthumous conversation. That’s right. YOV allows you to communicate regularly with a close relative or friend who has died.

The company’s Versona software creates a digital version of a person by piecing together and mining all the available digital communication between that person, and one or more others, over the course of the departed one’s life. Communications include recorded video chats, texts, e-mails, and Zoom meetings. The software can capture really any style of digital interaction.

The personality becomes richer and more lifelike with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms that learn more and more about—and is better able to replicate—the person’s communication styles, speech patterns, likes, dislikes, and personality traits as time goes on.

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