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Justin Harrison, who lives in Los Angeles, lost his mother in 2022. Shortly after she took her last breath, her specialist froze her mother's body. In the future, when medical technology is sufficiently developed, it will be thawed and regenerated.

There are two main methods. The first is to revive the human body. The second method is to revive the personality from data stored in the brain. Harrison sees hope in the latter. He says, ``I want to restore my mother from her brain, just like I can restore iPhone functionality from old and unusable iPhone storage.''

He established a tech company, YOV, with the aim of putting it into practical use, and became the CEO himself. YOV is planning to provide a smartphone app with a function that allows anyone to create their own AI alter ego.

The app has a call and chat function that collects data from voice calls, video calls, and text messages exchanged with family members and others, and allows the AI ​​to learn about your personality. After your death, your bereaved family and others will be able to interact with your AI alter ego using the YOV app.

"I want to create a world where we don't have to say 'goodbye.' The concept of bereavement will change," says Harrison, who hopes to use the power of technology to realize a utopia like the Garden of Eden. It is said that This is the creation of a "techno-utopia."

The Garden of Eden, which appears in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, is depicted as a world where there is no concept of death. The Old Testament tells us that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden after eating the forbidden fruit, and that we were destined to die in this world.

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