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YOV, Inc, or “You, Only Virtual” has now launched their Versona 1.0 system.

As we’ve written about it in the past, (see our prior article Here), YOV is a service that will allow you to set up and store a Virtual Persona, or Versona, of yourself or your loved ones. The cost for setting up a working Versona is $199 initially, with a monthly subscription fee to maintain and run the Versona. From there the living member of the family can connect with the family member continuing to grow the Versona’s accuracy until the time in which they pass away.

The monthly subscription fee is a bit high at $39.99 a month, but if you need more time to deal with the passing of a loved one, this technology is very important to anyone who has lost someone.

After the Versona is set up, the system will analyze communications and allow users to communicate with their deceased loved ones via the YOV web application. In the future, they plan to incorporate audio communications and even video via augmented reality.

At this current time, a Versona can be up and ready within “months,” as they understand time is critical in these situations.

We don’t always get the time we need or want from our loved ones before they pass, now you can hold onto them in a manner, for a period of time until you are ready to let them go.

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