Financial Projections

Based off of $10M investment and are projections, not a commitment by You Only Virtual to achieve all the goals set forth by You Only Virtual (YOV).

Total Raise: $10M on a SAFE

Enables us to create 20 months of runway to acquire 6.9M users within 12 months and develop the first full functioning Versona will be online. Capable of text communication and phone calls; and the first video chat between a Versona and a user utilizing real time rendering and YOV’s engine to power a video call.
YOV seeks to redefine what death and loss truly mean.

Unfortunately, no one on the planet will ever be spared from death or the loss of a loved one. The only true cap to YOV’s market is those who do not have smart phone technology capable of running the YOV app. At present time our target demographic is roughly 3 billion people world wide which represents a global value of 409b USD.

To date YOV has been self-funded and has garnered over 10,301 subscribers through digital media campaigns and organic traffic. The data below represents consumers who interacted with YOV’s campaign or are on our subscriber list.

Through testing we have found that age, geography, and socio economic backgrounds have little impact or indication on our audience overall as death or loss impact all humans across the planet. What we have been able to garner from our campaigns is our key target markets and have confirmed that YOV can be successfully marketed to anyone with a smartphone. 

Market Overview

Financial Projections 2022-2023

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