He made a chatbot of his dying mother so he never has to let go

Cheyenne MacDonald
“A good way to think about Versona 1.0 — the thing that’s currently offered to market — is it’s like the usual chit chat that you might have with somebody you love,” Justin says, “the most topical things that were on your mind before they passed away. And then that will grow from there as the AI grows and as the communications continue. “But at minimum, you’ll have this piece of technology that you can get some interfacing with and have some sense of normalcy with the person you care about as you’re healing from the trauma of losing them.”
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Have you ever thought about how AI, tech and life after death can work together?

Have you ever thought about how AI, tech and life after death can work together? 🤯 Or what it’s like building a company in a space that’s changing every moment?
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Los Angeles Tech Company Launches World’s First App to Keep You Talking to Loved Ones ... Even After You Die

With its IP-protected breakthrough technology, on March 1, 2021, YOV is premiering the beta version of its app and allowing 10,000 users to download the YOV messaging app and begin archiving their virtual persona from real, on-going conversations with their four closest loved ones or friends. Once one individual eventually passes on, the remaining individuals in that YOV circle can begin interacting with their loved one’s virtual persona in a way that recreates treasured nuances and inflections in their one-on-one communication. To receive an invitation to join the YOV Founder’s Club and participate in the six-month beta, visit
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Leave Some of Yourself Behind with YOV

Monica Seuthe
I refuse to delete my grandfather’s contact from my phone. I’ve looked at it, I’ve thought about it, but I can’t make myself actually delete it.
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